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If you're a senior living alone, make sure you have these technologies in your home. Modern technology can make you safe and comfortable, if you know how to take advantage of it. Click through for an intro to the basics.

Sometimes it takes a helping hand for seniors to live independently in their homes – something that can be possible with a few pieces of technology. Being able to live alone is something that everyone should be able to enjoy. Take a look at these four technologies every senior living alone should have in their home.
Security System
Just like the rest of us, seniors want to be able to live alone and feel safe in their homes.  If you have an elderly family member who wants to maintain an independent lifestyle, a home security system with motion detectors is a must-have. Motion detectors are an important part of a comprehensive home security system and will alert you if there is movement on your property once night falls. Having a security system will ensure that you keep unwanted visitors out and that you always have a watchful eye on your home, whether you are home or away.
Medication Dispensing Technology
Sometimes the only reason seniors are reluctant to live alone is because they fear that they will not remember to take their medication. If you don't have any nearby relatives who can check up on you to ensure you are taking your medication, and you don't want the added expense of an in-home caregiver, medication dispensing technology may be the answer. These systems provide reminders when it is time to take medication and even notify outside caregivers if the medication hasn't been taken.
Mobile Alert
Technology like Life Alert, allows for seniors to call for help in the event that they have fallen or have a health emergency and cannot reach a phone. The pendant-like device fits in the palm of their hand and can be worn around their neck and has GPS tracking capabilities. All you have to do to call for help is press one button that links them to the operator for the device's emergency monitoring service. Seniors can listen and speak to the operator through the device and with the GPS technology, the operator will know exactly where they are located – something that is critical in emergency situations.
Home Monitoring
A monitoring service will notify you when your loved one wakes up in the morning, when they go to sleep at night, whether they are eating properly, and when they are showering and taking their medication. The system works through small wireless sensors that are placed in various locations throughout the home. The sensors monitor the movements and learn the senior's daily routines and will notify you via text message, email or phone if something seems out of the ordinary. For example, if your grandmother doesn't open the medicine cabinet at the normal time, this could mean she forgot to take her medication – you can then remind her after you receive the notification from the monitoring system.


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