How Do You Find A House? With A Little Creativity!

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Buying In A Sellers Market: What Creative Tips Can You Use To Find The House You Want?

Buying a house when inventory is low can be tricky. The key is creativity! Here are some top tips to ensure you get the house you want.

Explore expired and withdrawn listings.  Perhaps the home was overpriced in the recent past and didn’t sell. Now’s the time to approach these owners to see if they’ll sell—maybe at a better price.

Jump on new listings.  Talk to me about hot, just-listed and about-to-be listed homes. The alerts you get may already be old news—and offers may already have been made on these properties—when you’re trying to buy a home.

Contact owners.  I can contact owners of homes in areas you’re interested in and explain to them we have a buyer ready and waiting to purchase their residence.

Utilize connections.  I know—or can find out—about homes that may not be on the MLS. Called “pocket listings,” owners of these homes may not want their home publicized like others.

Overlook issues.  If the online listing has horrible photos or excessive clutter, all is not lost. If all the other home specs fit your needs, schedule an in-person viewing to judge the home’s “true bones” up close.

Consider rental homes.  Don’t overlook the possibility of purchasing a home currently for rent. I can converse with the investor-owners of the home to see if they’re ready to sell instead of renting.

Entertain overpriced listings.  After a few weeks on the market, overpriced listings get little activity. I can help you find the optimum approach to present an offer to one of these owners who might now be more interested in your right-priced offer.

With a creative approach, some determination, and a solid agent (like me!) at your side, you can find the right home for you. CALL 909-560-0145 and schedule a consultation.