Want a home for entertaining remember:

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Look for some things you might not think of.
Some houses are just made for hosting events. If you plan to regularly entertain in your next home, here are some features you should look for.

Curb appeal.
Look for a home that makes a great first impression. Also, think about parking. Is there enough room for guests to park? Is there adequate street light at night?

Covered entryway.
Don’t leave newly arrived guests out in the rain. Make sure your front door has a roof over it to keep friends and family dry while they wait for you to answer the door.

Ease of entry.
People often arrive at events in groups. A home that opens into a living room or has a spacious entryway will keep traffic moving so the doorway doesn’t get too congested.

Seating space.
If you’re going to have hoards of people over, you’ll need plenty of places to seat them. Make sure the living room, patio, den, or kitchen has plenty of room for guests to sit, stand, and mingle comfortably. An open floor plan can be especially helpful for this.

Make sure your bathrooms are easily accessible for guests. If you have multiple floors, there should be a bathroom on the first floor. Also, make sure guests won’t have to enter anyone’s bedroom if they have to go.

If your home doesn’t have any of these features, give me a call. I can help find the perfect home for you and your family!